African sunset

Zuid-Afrikaanse gids vertelt

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My name is Wikus Potgieter. I was born in a small coal mining community in Witbank South Africa. When I finished high school I was working on a coal mine studying mechanical engineering. I knew that I did not want to spend 25 – 30 years working on a mine. One day on my way to work I decided to resign and did so when I got to work.

I then studied to become a field guide. When I qualified I decided to get into nature and work with wild animals. I’ve worked in KwaZulu-Natal, Sabi Sands Game reserve-Mpumalanga, Welgevonden Game reserve – Limpopo and Marakele Game reserve – Limpopo.

While working in the bush I decided to do a study on African Elephants because they are the most miss-interrupted mammal. Most people that have visited reserves where African elephant occur will always remember the negatives; “we had to drive away”,  “we were charged” or “he was aggressive because he flapped his ears”.

I started the study on their body postures. Over 19 000 encounters later I discovered that they have over ten individual and group behaviors. Many people that I have met call me a behavioral specialist but actually I am not. I specialize on their body postures and body posture lead to a change in behavior. Predictions can be made by looking at their body postures. My book is being complied and will be published within a few months.

All African sunsets are beautiful because of Africa being a dry and dusty continent. In the summer months the sunsets are fantastic! Especially if there are a few clouds on the horizon. And in winter because of the dust and smoke from bush fires, the sunset are yellow, orange, pink and purple. Amazing! Just using the silhouette of a tree, animal or building can do a lot for the photos taken.

Thank you Wikus for sharing. We are already looking forward to your next blogpost. We wish you a lot of luck finalizing your book and hope to see you again soon!

Over de auteur

Wij stellen u voor aan Wikus Potgieter. Na Mirjam is hij onze tweede gastschrijver. Wikus is een enthousiaste Zuid-Afrikaanse natuurgids met een jarenlange ervaring in de bush van Zuid-Afrika.